Cardiff University

Cardiff University is a century-old prestigious school located in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, UK. It obtained the Royal License in 1883 and became the only university in Wales to be a member of The Russell Group in English, which was called “the Ivy League in England”. The school's comprehensive scientific research strength ranks among the top ten universities in the UK, and its outstanding achievements in academics and research have earned a high reputation worldwide.

Founding time: founded in 1883

City of location: located in Cardiff

Majors: Cardiff University placed 23rd in the QS UK University Ranking in 2022, and its advantageous majors such as journalism, communication and media studies, international public relations, business administration, etc. are among the top ten in the UK.

City glamourCardiff University is located on the South Wales coast, just half an hour from beautiful beaches and the national park surrounded by mountains. London can be reached in just two hours by train. Living expenses are low in Cardiff, and transportation is convenient. Cardiff University campus is located in the city center.

Famous alumni:

Barham Salih - Current Iraqi President

Huw Edwards - Famous BBC broadcaster