University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is the first university in Australia and the academic center of Oceania. The University of Sydney is one of the six Sandstone universities in Australia. It is also a core member of the eight famous universities in Australia.

The University of Sydney is one of the member universities of the Pacific Rim University Alliance and the Asia Pacific International Trade Education and research alliance. In 2015, the University of Sydney ranked 45th in the ranking of world universities by US news weekly, with remarkable achievements. The number of students in Sydney is as high as 51394. According to the official data compiled by the Australian government, one-third of the Australian Nobel Prize winners are alumni of the University of Sydney, far ahead of other Australian universities.

Top majors: The University of Sydney pays attention to the combination of theory and practice. Accounting and finance, education, law, medicine, politics and international research, architecture, music, literature, linguistics, pharmacy and pharmacology, nursing and other majors rank among the top 20 in QS ranking in 2021.

Explore the city: The University of Sydney is located in the center of Sydney, the most populous city in Australia and the financial capital of Australia, which affects the social economy of the whole Australia.