Juniata College

It has been listed in one of the 40 "Colleges that Change Lives". It is a private liberal arts college with a very long history in Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1876 and located in central Pennsylvania, Juniata college ranked 75th in US News in 2021.

Together with 39 other universities, the university is listed in the book "Colleges that Change dLives" by Loren Pope, education editor of the New York Times. The famous alumnus is William Phillips, winner of the Nobel Prize in physics (1970).

Juniata college enjoys a reputation for academic and student care. The college mainly teaches in small classes. At the same time, the school implements the dual tutor system, which helps students communicate closely with professors, so that students' academic and career development problems can be solved as soon as possible.

There are colorful traditional festivals and more than 100 student associations in the school. In addition, students can improve their leadership through participation in extracurricular activities, and enrich their study abroad experience through internships, overseas exchange and in-depth participation in scientific research.