To build bridges of intercultural communication and promote social changes through values-based education.


To become a model of liberal arts education by integrating the east and the west, the past and the present, theory and practice.


Courage, Aspiration, Responsibility, Excellence (CARE)

As a verb, the word “CARE” suggests the actions one may take to express one’s care. As a noun, it refers to the passion, love and protection of the society and the world.

Distinctive features of Arete College

The well-grounded value-based education at Arete has the following unique features:

---It is contextualized in comtemprary China to strengthen the students’ Chinese identity;

---It has a Western educated Chinese faculty to encourage a global mindset among the students;

---It is based on the Ignatian values dedicated to educating men and women for the world.

---It provides scholarships to students with disadvantaged backgrounds to role model caring.

Arete College’s value-based education emphasizes the ideals of servanthood and community. Arete approaches to holistic development include Peer Advisory Groups, Project Based Learning, and Individual Development Planning. They cultivate students’ drive, leadership, and entrepreneurship and be good at both learningand putting learning to practice. The ability to integrate with and care for the larger community prepares the students for a life of service to the world community and by serving as bridges of friendship between China and the world.