Xiao Zhixing, male, was born in Jiangxi province in 1972.

He graduated from Renmin University of China in 1993 with a major in labor economics, and received his Ph.D. in organizational Behavior from INSEAD in 2004. Xiao zhixing has been teaching business and management courses at CEIbs for a long time. He is the founding programme Director of the CEIBS General Manager Programme (AMP) and Management Development Programme (MDP).

In 2011, he co-founded the Experience Workshop with his colleagues and served as chairman of the Academic Committee.

In 2012, Xiao became the dean of the China Institute at George Washington University (GWU).

In September 2015, Professor Xiao zhixing joined Peking University HSBC Business School as a professor of management.

In 2019, he and his colleagues launched a new liberal arts college called Arete College.

He has also taught management courses at New York University, the London School of Economics, Ecole D 'Affaires, the Stockholm School of Economics, and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. Professor Xiao zhixing is one of the founders of international Chinese Management Research Association (IACMR), the founding president of Practice Management Research Association (AAMP), the head of international Practice Management Education (IMPM), the third generation of management education paradigm initiated by Henry Mintzberg, and the academic director of Henry Mintzberg Research Center of Renmin University of China.